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Why Bother, TBS...?!?

I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on TBS tonight. (Great movie, so-so station.)

Anyway, I wonder what passes for censorship nowadays. Imagine my surprise when I heard the word "asshole" unedited. (I knew they could say "ass," didn't know it was possible to say the "hole" thing. ;) ) Then, of course, there were other unedited words like "crap," "Hell," "damn" and "dickless." Yet they edit out the "God" in "goddamn" as well as "shit?" Do you really think that anyone watching the movie that would complain about a word like "goddamn" are going to say, 'but it's OK that they kept "asshole" in'?)

Why bother, nighttime cable television? You let every other piece of profanity on the air!

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Blogger Robguy said...

They very seldom censor anything here. They have a rating system and v-chips just like the US, only they figure Australians are smart enough to use them.

12/07/2007 4:54 AM  
Anonymous Texas Payday Loans said...

Sometimes they don't bother talking that way with out knowing that they could hurt somebody. I don't know why there are people who are tolerated on talking such mannerism as like that.

8/24/2011 8:56 PM  

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